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I have a 1991 LX 4-banger that I WAS going to turbo for my daughter. I've come to find out it won't pass inspection here in Cali. But if I get a '79-'86 Mustang 4 cylinder, I CAN put a turbo engine in there because it was available from the factory. I wish to focus on finding an '84-'86 Mustang because they were the SVO years so I may use all the best stock-turbo parts. Also, I see a lot of clean ones for sale for around $1500, a major plus. I'll just pull the front end from an '87-93 since those are the box-Mustangs she likes. I can get a 2.5l rotating assembly with forged pistons for $600 ( I planned on rebuilding the engine anyways) because I'm sure the inspector isn't going to tear my oil pan off and measure the crank, lol.

Anyways, my question is; should I stick with the turbo-head (with port matching and as much tweaking as I can get away with here in Cali.) or should I purchase a 98-01 Ranger head? I heard they were the best flowing of the "Pinto" heads. Also, did the turbo engines come with a flat-tappet cam and if so, would a roller-cam from a '91-up engine be better? I'm not COMPLETELY strapped for cash, but a $1500 head is WAY out of the question when I plan on spending a little more than that on the WHOLE engine! I wanted to put a v8 tranny behind it for more durability, but was told the gearing was wrong and would bog the engine off the line. Even with the 3.35 1st gear? I think a lot of people still think the v8 trannys come with 2.95 1st gears and that's why they feel it's not a good match. With my mild-stroker and 3.73 gears, will it still be too short of gearing?

This car will be for my daughter who is entering college, so I wanted durability with a little more power than stock. So she can go with me to the track on the weekends and show off HER pony. She's been wanting one ever since I 1st started taking her to the drags in my '66. But I don't think she is ready for a built v8 quite yet.

I wanted to go with the 2.5l crank because I can get a whole rotating assembly for what most outlets charge JUST for the pitons. Is this NOT a good combo? I KNOW I have to use oversize bearings for the small-journal crank in a large-journal block, I'm willing to buy them along with a stud and girdle kit for the bottom end. I'm building this for durability over absolute power, but I want her to be proud of it too. Maybe she could sneak into the 13's if I set it up right and she learns how to drive.

My brother narrowed an Explorer 8.8" rear to fit his ride w/ 3.73 gears and a T-Lok, before he changed his mind and went with a 9". So the rear is mine for the asking. I was then going to fit 5 lugs all around with disc-brakes for safety. Then the standard sub-frame ties and shock-tower braces.

Any holes in my plans? This is my 1st performance 4-cylinder. I know my way around a 289-351, but feel like a neophite with the "Pinto" engine. I've seen 'em at the track, so I know they can be damn fast. But for now, she needs a car that will put up with her abuse til she learns to drive.

Everyone is SO tight lip about their combos at the track, you would think I was asking for nuclear secret-codes or something! They almost act insulted when I start "asking too many questions!" What gives with these guys and their little engines?

Thank you for any help in advance. I would hate to throw money away on silly mistakes along the way.
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