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Hi everyone I have a question regarding my 1989 Mustang GT with a Trickflow top end kit. When I installed the kit I replaced just about everything, right down to a short block. I ran fine for about 4 years now. I seem to have an issues with it starting, it will start cold and run beautiful, but when it warms up or runs for a good 30 minutes it won't restart till it gets cold, usually the next day I try. I did replace all plugs, wires, coil, Dizzy, the module on the Dizzy.

It doesn’t even want to turn over, just completely dead, no clicking nothing.

First test I did was a trial and error, I took it for a 20 mile trip it's been running and won't start and its warmed up I put a charger on it and it will start about an hour later the engine is still warm.

Next test was same trip 20 miles brought it home won't start let it sit overnight, the next day fires right up.

The next day it starts fine so I tried running a code scanner on it and no codes but I won't start until I jump it with my truck or jump pack, I don’t take the car for a ride, I don’t let it get hot or even warm just shut it off and grab the code scanner, very weird I think.

I am looking for some help on what it could be? The battery is about 15 months old, the coil has about 300 miles on it. I'm at a loss.

I ca hear the fuel pump turn on, so I eliminated that off the list.

Could it be coil? How about the starter? Alternator?

King Trashmouth
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Ok so to get this straight-

Cold start after sitting - fine.

Warm start - won't start.
Warm start w/jump - will start.

Under those circumstances I would look at something electrical, especially if it could be affected by heat. Get it into the no start condition and start checking voltages. Battery, coil, ignition, all of that. See what part isn't doing it's job, or what isn't getting voltage. Maybe even load test the battery in that condition.
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