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Was a regular on another site... this one seems cooler

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Hey guys I'm Garrett, I'm from Southern California and attend Arizona State University's W.P. Carey School of Business. I've been a regular on another mustang forum site for a few years,and am looking forward to wasting massive amounts of my time on here as well! Let's see, I'm a big gearhead and am into anything having to do with cars. I'm a huge Lakers and Dodgers fan. I'm a brother in AEPi here at ASU... um, about my car: It's a mostly stock 05 GT Auto, I've pretty much just done an intake, exhaust, and rims on it... more to come though for sure!
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Welcome to MM :)

Let's see some pictures :rockon
welcome aboard! another az member! woot.

btw- Dodgers FTMFW!!!!
here's an older pic of the car... this was right after the rear springs were installed so the rear sits a bit lower now that they've settled for about a year haha
sweeet. ASU ftw!

welcome :wave
welcome to the site.
sweeet. ASU ftw!

welcome :wave
hell yea! any good car meets/mustang things in the area? my car isn't out here this semester, but after winter break I'll have it.
:welcome to MM :)
Welcome to the site. What part of socal?
Welcome to the site. What part of socal?
Agoura Hills - Westlake Village area...

this site is cooler
ah sweet
Welcome to Modded. :)
Welcome to MM, enjoy the site :cool:
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