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First off. I can't believe it's been a month already. Since I had some free time before bed. I decided to get on and see how the place was and tell you the tale of how my job threw me under the bus. Well I benched that **** and walked off if you know what I mean.

My old full time job has been giving me the run around about not letting me do stuff for the past year or two. Well it finally came full tilt and the board that funded us said they were letting me go since they could hire a service company to come do my work. That was on a Thursday. By Tuesday I was already at my new full time job filling out my w forms and small detail work that my friend in the places HR department didn't want to wait for since it ate up to much time during the orientation. Sad thing was I had to wait till July started cause mcds wouldn't let me out of my manager schedule since I had a little over two weeks.

In that time period I attacked a honey to do list and spent some quality time working on the rx7. I got the fuel system running right and replaced the plugs and wires. I did all that just to find out the oil coolant lines were blown. So now I have $30 worth of oil in my grass in front of that garage door and right under where the car sits. It's up on cinder blocks waiting on me to find new lines and time to fix it.

As far as the new job goes. I am now an employee for a business called Rural king. I do maintaince/fork lift repair. Working about 55-60 hrs a week. Hence why I haven't had time to jump on and say hi and check to see what's going on.
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