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Water Pump Removal

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I'm trying to take off the water pump on my 2000 v6 mustang. I need to know if i need to take off the right side pulley to remove the pump. Also any other pointers would be helpful.
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you'll have to remove the power sterring pulley and bracket that attatchs to the pump as well as the water pump pulley.
also must remove the lower radiator hose, coolant by pass tube
Ok thanks that help a lot. Also, how would I remove that right side pulley because whenever I try to loosen it, the pulley turns with it..
There is a special tool to remove the power steering pulley and another special tool to reinstall it. You may be able to borrow/rent the tool from an auto parts store. The other
option is to remove the whole bracket that the power steering pump and alternator mount to. I've done it that way, but some of the fasteners are hard to get to.
i guess ill just try removing the whole assembly the bracket is connected to first..
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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