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The Lincoln MKVIII provides the perfect donor motor for an upgrade from 3V to an 4V motor. But good running on the road MKVIIIs are rare and we all want to keep them on the road. Fortunately, there are salvage title or recently wrecked ones that would make better donor cars. Please look for these cars to build your upgrade from. They are a solid motor that has been saddled with an AT. The exhaust cam is the same as the Cobra, but the intake cam has been tuned for a wide torque band rather than HP. And they all have the desirable Italian block. A real Hot Rod Lincoln.
A salvage title car can be had for well under $2K. Please part them out. We need the parts. It will pay for your build. The wheels have an usual (5 x 4.25) bolt pattern coupled with an unusual offset. Headlights are rare. The engine computer and the list goes on. The rear suspension is also valuable, but might be another upgrade to consider.
Notes: Only the second gen is COP and is reverse wired from the Mustang. Early versions are conventional distributor types. While the AT can be tweaked with Jmod, stronger versions are available. You'll need to change the flywheel for manual transmission. The stock headers are horrid and need to be upgraded during your swap. The intake manifold is decent on the Gen 2, but could be changed on Gen1 motors, maybe. Just remember, stock, it pulls hard for road courses, but not for drags.
And if you can before you take it apart, try your MKVIII, you just might like it. The rice burner tuners hate it when the "old man" car leaves them in the dust.
Bill W
A MKVIII and Mustang owner
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