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inspect all your hoses closely,...obviously all fluids, and if it were me i would replace the oil pan gasket just because it would be a pita to do in the car, even if it isnt leaking now, i would put a better/new one in there while youcan

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you might wanna replace the water pump too. the drive belt for sure.. and gaskets.

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new motor or new used motor ?

used motor:
I would change and put NEW
spark plugs

water hoses
water pump
all items used in a tune up. (like drive belts and filters ect..)
oil filter
drain and add new oil
oil pump,
Check timing belt
timing belt tensioner
all seals and gaskets .
rod out radiator
flush and clean radiator
many companys want you to Rod out the radiator to cover warranty .

from the net.
Q: WHAT is " rod out my radiator" ?

A: Rodding out a radiator is the process of removing the radiator tanks and pushing rods through the radiator core to clean it. After the core is clean the tanks are soldered back on. This can be a good repair but most of the time it makes more sense to just replace the radiator. New high quality radiators have become so inexpensive that it's getting hard to recommend repairing an old one. Most of the time the cost of a replacement radiator is only 30% more than a repair. A new radiator is almost always available the same day. A new radiator will usually carry a better warranty. And you should also consider that the metal on your old radiator is going to be at least somewhat fatigued from years of service and is probably more likely to develop leaks. If you are planning to keep your car for a long time it usually makes more sense to buy a new radiator.

hope this helps.

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dont forget the machine shop stuff to... it is prob most important. get your cylinders honed if ur getting new rings, get ur flywheel resurfaced, new head gaskets, head bolts (there TTY so dont reuse the old ones) new rod and main bearings, new intake manifold and exhaust manifold gaskets, new oilpan gasket, new timing chain tnsioners, new timing chain covor gasket, new water pump, new altenator, new spark plugs, new oil filter housing gasket, new rear main seal, ummmmmmmmmm thats all i can think of right now
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