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My 347 build for the 86 coupe is takin a little time.

I have a stock 86 gt that needs some love.Thought I would throw a little combo together for it while I am at it.

I have a custom cam for the 347 on the way.

What OTS cam would you use for my 302??? And why?

Staying hyd roller and want shift points at 6700........

Spring rate will be 160 on the seat and 410 open.

Combo :
Parts I have:

Stock low mile 302 on the stand.
TEA Tw 205 cnc heads/57.5cc chamber/ 1.6 RR
Systemax lower/box upper/90mm tb
Stock lifters
24 inj and Meter
Long tubes/3" to the back.
4.30 gear
Stock t5/ King Cobra clutch
3060lb with me in it. Full accessories/pw/pd/with draglites and Fiberglass hood.

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Can you guys give me an explanation of why these cams would work great for my combo?And what shift rpm you think the cam will want to shift at?

Heads flow 325 and 235 at.600

Compression around 9.7
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