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What causes....

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the speedo to jump around when your are driving?
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the tires braking loose?
That is possible...:cool:
depends on the speed..cuz right now my car is a little screwy thanks to timings off and theres a small vaccum wont spin in 1st gear...and the speedo reads right at that point then i shift into 2nd and it jumps to like 80mph when i'd be lucky to be doing 30mph cuz the tires are spinning.but if its doing it at the higher speeds, when ur are deffinatly not spinning, then its probably the speedo gear or the gauge cluster is busted..
could be the actual spedo starting to go
this is what i said..last like 5 words of my ****ing paragraph up ^^ there
didn't feel like reading it...
idk even remember why i wrote it or what it was about...i just know i said what you said.:eek:
1 - 4 of 14 Posts
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