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What do you guys think??

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1989 ford mustang lx 5.0

pretty close to my house, cheapest i have found so far in months, gave him my number, just wondered what you guys thought about it? oh and form previos listings with other pics its a notchback

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Only pic I see is the engine bay, which does looks pretty clean. Go take a look at it, if the body is in good shape and it runs ok Id say thats not a bad price. Look it over really good though, check underneath the car. Especially the upper/lower torque boxes(where the rear control arms mount to the chassis) they have a tendency to rip when these vehicles are driven hard.

If you can get pics of the actual car, post em up.
Need more pics... and i'll bet the "str8 pipes" sound good lol
Get more pics, If its clean it is worth the price. And only thing I didn't like is the last part "no warranty written or implied, sold as is from private seller. " He really wanted that point to be made.
"str8 pipes" on a stock car will only help it go slower so that's kind of painting a mental image of what kind of person the seller might be ie cheap/retarded etc. So I would go look at the car during the day and look the car over really well. I'd check under the doors and under the trunk and shock towers for rust. I'd also check the upper and lower torque boxes to any damage. I'd let the car idle for a little while why I bs'd with the guy and looked over the motor to see if the car runs hot or over heats and to see if it's go any oil leaks, charge issue or idle issues then take it for a ride. Make sure you can shift in and out of each gear both slowly and quick. If you get any grinding then it'll most likely need synchros or the adjustment is soo bad that it'll prob need synchros lol.
alright thanks for the help and it seems like always its hard to keep contact with him so i havent been able to see it yet but we will see, ill keep all this stuff in mind
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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