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"str8 pipes" on a stock car will only help it go slower so that's kind of painting a mental image of what kind of person the seller might be ie cheap/retarded etc. So I would go look at the car during the day and look the car over really well. I'd check under the doors and under the trunk and shock towers for rust. I'd also check the upper and lower torque boxes to any damage. I'd let the car idle for a little while why I bs'd with the guy and looked over the motor to see if the car runs hot or over heats and to see if it's go any oil leaks, charge issue or idle issues then take it for a ride. Make sure you can shift in and out of each gear both slowly and quick. If you get any grinding then it'll most likely need synchros or the adjustment is soo bad that it'll prob need synchros lol.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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