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what is a 4.3 stroker kit?

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and what does it do?
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makes a car go
where can you get one?
o. helps alot? lol
what exactly do you want to know its a stroker... its a longer stroke then the stock and it has more displacement... you can get them at SSMs, Delk, RPM-Mustang, CRT performance might be able to set you up with a deal
it would give me a lot more power?
if 20-30 more horse power at the wheels is a lot then yes
any other questions?? I know im an ass hole but im willing to help

why do you want to know about them?
im not an expert but wait till christorres responds, hes WAAAY smarter than onemanzu
4.3L stroker kit is your basic crank, rods and pistons
the rods and pistons are Forged and handle greater power

the pistons are usually over sized which required boring over the cylinder which inturn leads to greater torque. the more cubes the more torque and power
the stroker kit ALONE really isnt worth to much power unless you do ported and polished heads, intake and a camshaft upgrade as well

most guys get 4.3L strokers or 4.2L when they're looking to handle more power that the stock motor cannot hold
bull ****, he just knows how to build a motor, he and i are on the same level when it comes to knowledge on after market parts and where to locate them
umm building a motor is stuff you dont know so that classifies him as being smarter in the area of this thread.

yeah and like anyone can just order engine parts slap them on and expect it to work, haaaaaaaaaa
huh w.e call me a noob all you want... doesn't hurt my feelings either way... but when it comes down to it knowing how to build an engine will only get you so far in life
:Dthis might be a good one!!!!! lol
god damn OMZ whats your problem tonight? lol

btw where the **** are my stickers j/k
who are you??

i lost your stickers?? **** let me check my records
ha ha i did lose your address please PM it to me and i will put it in the mail this evening... sorry for the inconvenience ... i have to send out about 20 every 3 days and its kinda easy to lose someones address with the limited amount of structure that these PM boxes have
stickers? what kind of stickers hmmm?
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