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In the world of Mustangs, the Bullitt is king. OK, let's get real, most people don't know the differences that lie within that Dark Highland Green skin. In 1968, Steve McQueen starred as Detective Frank Bullitt in the movie "Bullitt". The acting left a little to be desired, but what we were left with was one of the single greatest car chases in cinematic history.

The Bullitt we know now was inspired by McQueen's '68 fastback. These subtle changes can go unnoticed by even the savviest of Mustang owners.

The first unofficial prototype Bullitt was originally slated to be unveiled at the 2001 SEMA Auto show in Las Vegas. Due to last minute changes from Ford, it was to take place at the Los Angeles Auto Show instead. The prototype Bullitt was the product of a small group of passionate designers with an even smaller budget. The final prototype was built by Roush and to this day, Jack Roush has a prototype Bullitt in his collection.

2001 prototype Bullitt:

Ok, down to the nitty gritty... the numbers. The Bullitt semi-purist in me wants to say that there are only 3,041 Bullitts and they are all Dark Highland Green, but that isn't the case. Ford also produced 1,818 in Black and 723 in Blue. The original plan was for there to be 6,500 Bullitts produced, but the number was cut short to 5,582. The differences on the 2001 Bullitt compared to the 2001 GT are somewhat minor and subtle, but those changes make the Bullitt true to it's past.

Let's start with the parts that weren't unique to the Bullitt, but differed from the normal GT:

From the 96-98 Cobra
Front Stabilizer Bar
Front Vented Rotors
Rear Vented Rotors
ABS and Traction Control

From the GT Convertible
Bolt on Subframe Connectors

From the V6
Rear Sway Bar

From there, I think it's easiest to work from the exterior, followed by the interior and finally the drivetrain.

Front fascia with no fog lights, but the harness is present if you want to add them down the line.
Front grille with blacked out corral
Hood scoop, 2001 was the first year the New Edge carried the faux scoop

Side skirts with front mudflap:

Side scoop delete panels:

17 inch Anthracite wheels inspired from the Torq Thrust wheels on the movie car:

Cobra brake calipers, powder coated in red with a running pony:

Sail panels and side glass similar to the '96~'98:

Stainless fuel door with running pony emblem inside:

Rear decklid is wingless, with exclusive "BULLITT" lettering:

Retro seats with cues from 60's muscle cars:

Retro gauge cluster:

Stainless pedals:

Aluminum shifter ball and aluminum appearance shifter bezel:

"BULLITT" door sills:

Holographic serial number sticker with one on the driver side strut tower and another under the rear seat. Some of the original stickers had issues with the ink smearing. If this was the case, a second sticker could be obtained from Ford. The second sticker had one less "0" at the beginning. For example my car is number 01680 but my sticker has 1680 because it is a replacement sticker.


Intake manifold that sits atop the 2v found in the GT. The Bullitt 2v also had a larger alternator and under drive pulleys, leading to a mere 5hp increase over the GT. The designers originally wanted the 4v found in the Cobra, but this was turned down. SVT had ownership over the 4V motor and were in short supply already, so it would have been too difficult to meet the demand of Cobras that were currently in production.

Twin blade throttle body from the '96~'98 Cobra:

Redesigned mufflers which Ford claims 20% better flow, finished off with a set of brushed stainless tips:

Lowering springs and Tokico shocks/struts equating to a 3/4" drop from a stock GT:

Hopefully this can put to rest some of the confusion that goes on around here about the Bullitt. If you ever have a question about the Bullitt, just shoot me a PM. I may not know that answer, but I definitely have the resources to get the answer. I want to throw a quick shout out to (International Mustang Bullitt Owner's Club) without the folks over there, I wouldn't know what I know today.

-Bullitt1680 aka Tyler
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