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What mod next?

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I'm thinking drive line before i redo my engine.

A new T5 with all that geforce stuff and the stronger case.

or the rear end?

Speed Concepts - M-4006-AXLEKIT - 1999-2004 Mustang GT/Bullitt/Mach1 and all 1999-2004 Cobra 8.8 rear end axle complete kit 31 Spline & gears

I kind of want the new transmission first because the one i have is complete junk. Well after new clutch, flywheel, and steeda 3 piece clutch cable kit it still blows. I think its time for a brand new one. The rear end i might just try to find a cobra rear at a junk yard maybe. But then im going to have to buy new rims and tires to fit the bigger break rotors.

Afterwards im looking to build a 4.3L long rod stroked out monster stage 3 everything. and then buying an 11# pulley.
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PM me if your serious about an engine or transmission
my G-force tranny will be ready next week. i just brought my core in today so they can inspect the main shaft so that its still good
you dont have to worry about the casing so much
since they re-use stock casing and just clean them up as the cores come in

as for the engine paying $7k for a motor at SSMS is rediculous
i can locate you a rotating assembly and bearings for cheaper
also help you out with whats best for your engine and your goals
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as for t-56 dont waste your time
its just more gears to go through and its not at all worth it for the swap money wise
g-force makes trannys that'll out handle the t-56 for must cheaper
and its direct bolt on with no conversion parts needed

as for saving gas im getting a .59 gear. i'll be hitting 90mph at 2700rpms roughly...i'll let you guys know for sure where i'll be at
before i was at about 85mph hitting 3k rpms a t-56 i do not believe has a gear as low as a .59
i eat 24/7 and dont gain an ounce. i stay at 140 no matter what i eat.
well when i put in the 8.8 rear end with 3.73's i think 6th gear will let me go a bit faster. cause today i just about topped out at 125mph in 5th gear, i felt uhh un happy
then you did not top out
i did 137 with plenty gear left for stock gears

actually my 4th gear tops out a 125

and your grabbing a very wrong concept on all this 5speed 6speed stuff
1 - 4 of 22 Posts
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