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What mod next?

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I'm thinking drive line before i redo my engine.

A new T5 with all that geforce stuff and the stronger case.

or the rear end?

Speed Concepts - M-4006-AXLEKIT - 1999-2004 Mustang GT/Bullitt/Mach1 and all 1999-2004 Cobra 8.8 rear end axle complete kit 31 Spline & gears

I kind of want the new transmission first because the one i have is complete junk. Well after new clutch, flywheel, and steeda 3 piece clutch cable kit it still blows. I think its time for a brand new one. The rear end i might just try to find a cobra rear at a junk yard maybe. But then im going to have to buy new rims and tires to fit the bigger break rotors.

Afterwards im looking to build a 4.3L long rod stroked out monster stage 3 everything. and then buying an 11# pulley.
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the final drive between the 5 speed and 6 speed is so minimal it doesn't even count... lemme go look it up ill brb
its only a difference of .05:1 ... imo if you think that you will need that extra 5 hundredth of a gear then go ahead and spend the 2.5k that a t56 conversion costs... you are getting a great tranny for that price but imo you can get a rebuilt tranny that has been re-geared for say something like .59 over drive or .63 over drive... but if you want track only re gearing it to .79 is also possible
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