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What mods should I start off with?

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Ok, I'm going to start putting some performance mods on my 06 Mustang GT in the spring. I don't have a huge budget, so I want to start off relitively low end on the price scale (Supercharger will happen next year probably, not this year). So what should I start off with?

What I am wanting to get for sure:
Cold Air Intake (which one would be best? Price wise and one I don't have to get tuned).
Gears (thinking of getting the 3.73 gears, do I need to get them installed by Ford so they don't void my warranty?).

Not sure what else to get other then that which would give me performance boosts and not make me broke.
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as with everyone else go with jlt or c&l and a tuner from brenspeed or bamachips. the jlt is cheaper about $550 to the door from bamachips with your choice of 3 tunes. i wouldn't even bother with a cai that doesn't need a tune
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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