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What mods?

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Ok, so I have about 800-1000 bucks saved up, and can't for the life of me, choose what to get.

Choices are most wanted to least:

1) CAI + Tune from bamachips
2) Fays2 Watts link (its fighting the CAI + tune for first) Corner carving FTW!
3) rotor upgrades and probably a chin spoiler
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Guess I'm getting the JLT + Xcal 3 then
I think you can

the last pic on this page shows no clearance problems between the Watts link and exhaust

FAYS2 Suspension page Watts Link page 6
Damn you Red... I got distracted reading the watts link again
i want watts NOW, i say do the watts. everyone knows mustangs can be powerful, but shitting on someone on a curve will surprize the hell out of people.

and I plan on making my car a Solo1 Racer... so you can see my dillema with the CAI and the watts
well whats the difference from doing on before the other? you will have them both eventually.

Key word eventually... I can't decide if I need more power, or more handling now...
I'm going with the cai then... I can probably buy the Watts link in a month or 2... if I don't upgrade my PC as well...
Your computer is already crazy fast. Why would you upgrade that?
New GFX is out thats about 1/4 faster than mine...
small update

I scrapped the CAI + tune idea... I've had such a bad time dealing with my dealership for warranty issues, I just ain't gonna give them the chance to pin any engine issues on the CAI. And yes, I'm still rather doubtfull of the build quality, seeing all my troubles with the car already, and don't care if you guys burn me for that comment.

I'm gonna order the Watts link instead.
don't know... all I know is that better handling = lots more fun :D
even if its added weight... I'm not into drag racing.
yep... corner carving is my passion... nothing more exillerating than pushing the limits of the car on a corner
1 - 12 of 44 Posts
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