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What mufflers with prochamber?

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I have a mac prochamber midpipe and a magnaflow catback kit, and its not really the sound/loudness i thought it would be. The magnaflow catback sounded bone stock until the midpipe was installed. Just wondering what you guys think sounds BEST with this midpipe that is louder, but not ridiculous. No LM1's though lol.

This is how it sounds now.. Thoughts/Opinions?
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i am out then....racist prick!

haha jk
Me too. Im runnning LM1 with a prochamber and mac LT.
I'd say go with a mac catback. I have just the mac catback with the stock midpipe and it sounds nice and deep right now. I'll be upgrading my midpipe hopefully early next year, might have to go catted though cause of the strict emission laws here in California. Check out this youtube video, mac catback and an offroad mac h pipe. Not sure whether the prochamber is louder or quieter compared to the off road mac pipe, but this setup sounds awesome.

Im too distracted by that ant walking around lol.
Me too. Im runnning LM1 with a prochamber and mac LT.
haha that will be my exact set up next year!!

vids on a pm please!
I have been meaning to make a vid... never go to making a full one. Im going to make one this week. Im determined!
GTracer88's setup is loud as hell in person, supra. Sounds good though.

speaking of which, when are you gonna take off your mac LT's and sell them to me? :D
Mac Catback + Mac ProChamber = :drool
Mac Catback + Mac ProChamber = :drool


I am finally getting my ProChamber though. I am tired of problems looking for used. 6 times now it something has come up preventing me from buying a used one. I am going to give it 1 more try next week on a lead I have off SVTP. If that does not work, I AM buying a new one next week. lol
Hold on. Let me check w/ CJ's Pony Parts.

You get 10% off if you order online on Fridays. Or if you order on Wedensdays it's free shipping. I got mine for $179 on clearance :eek:

Keep an eye on it. I've seen CJ's put it on clearance a few times.
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Yea I think Leftorium and I are pretty much dead eye to eye on this issue. Cept I love my o/r h. Mac on mac!
Thanks man! I owe you reps for this one. I have not whored aaround enough lately. lol

I willsee how I caome out cheaper. Free shipping or 10% off.
OK. I whored around enough. Reps.
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you guys with the pro-chambers and LM1's, can you put up some vids? I have LM1's with a UPR catted x-pipe.
i tried but my camera speaker cant pick it up
Go with what lefty said. I did on my car and i dont regret it. I had magnapacks on before the mac and i love my mac exhaust. Dumped mac catback sounds great also with a prochamber.
Im too distracted by that ant walking around lol.
when he revs it up the ant runs away
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