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Pypes True Dual Exhaust
New Take Off with Pypes parts and Mustang GT Muffles

Cold Air Intake
JLT Intake + SCT Tuner
Mustang Generic Intake + SCT Tuner
Spectre Intake + SCT Tuner

Pypes Polished Shorty
PaceSetter Performance Shorty

What is cheap and easy to do that will increase performance?

Attempting to keep this deal around $1,200.

My Thoughts
New Take Off Exhaust
Generic CAI
SCT Tuner
PaceSetter Headers
Runs about $900...leaving a coupe dollars for other mods.

*Price is not a major issue, but I like saving money for other parts if the performance is the same.
I DO NOT know alot about tech talk please, I am a computer nerd.

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I got mine from NTO and they are high quality look/sound great. And Great price!

Haven't done headers yet myself, so cant comment.

I recommend the JLT CAI and SCT Tuner from Mustang Parts & Performance - American Muscle

good luck

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the exhaust is truely your choice i have pypes tru duel and love them, the cai go for the jlt with the sct tuner, and for the headers dont go for shortys get yourself a set of pacesetter long tubes and that will set you up good. As for other mods 3.73 or 4.10 gears with a T-Lok are good. just make sure you get it retuned after you put in the gears.
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