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500 rwhp is the general limit with a good and safe tune. 450-480 is a very solid and can be safe area tune pending.
Instead of trying to modified my Roush, I am going to look at a local Fox Body street legal drag car tomorrow. It's got 418 Stroker, 200 shot nitrous, C4 tranny with B&M Slap stick, 3500 stall converter, 8.8 rear with 3.73 rear and racing suspension. Seller has all the receipts and dyno sheet. He has time slip to prove it's 10 second car. He has a potential buyer coming tonight and hope that guy do not buy it. He's going through divorce and want to liquidate much as he can. The price is ridiculous.. 6500.

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Did i mention my childhood friend picked up a 2011 corvette and he wants to race me and im trying to be humble about it. Should i be nervous? Its an automatic hard top. He might smoke me.
If it's stock, you'll smoke him on a straight away. They don't pull near 370 rwhp stock. Even I can smoke a C5's all day. If he's boosted, you got issues.
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