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I changed the rear gears out to 3.80s from the 4.30's, it has a 21 tooth gear in it so I was going to step it down to an 18 tooth. My question though is everything I have read says Top Loader 4 speed transmissions that have the cable enter in the passenger side of the transmission use a gear with a left hand twist, but the gear I pulled out of it is a 21 tooth with a right hand twist.

Usually I would just assume its wrong and change it out without worrying about it. However, I heard that if you put a gear with the wrong direction twist in it that it will only last a few miles before its stripped out. I put over 600 miles on it last year and the speedometer worked just fine. The gear does have a bit of wear on it, but thats to be expected with the thin teeth on a 21 tooth gear.

So could it actually have a right hand twist in it, or did I just get lucky and due to the thin teeth of the 21 tooth gear, it had the wrong direction of teeth, but they were soft enough to spin the way they were not intended to and not strip out within a few miles.

I just need to know what to order. I have heard that you can also strip the drive gear in the transmission by putting the wrong direction in and I really dont feel like pulling the tail shaft to put in a new drive gear. So what do I need, left, or right hand twist?
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