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Made some good progress on the engine today. Started with tearing out the turbo stuff so I had access to all the accesories, then worked on getting things cleaned up.

Taking apart the alternator:

Got the alternator casing off for painting

Painting the alternator casing, valve covers and coolant pipes. Coolant pipes are ok, the paint didn't really stick to them since they are stainless steel (even after sanding them a bunch lol)

Was able to get the oil pressure sender from autometer to fit behind the PS/alternator bracket. Its gonna suck if that thing goes bad but it should be pretty protected from everything there.

Its the shiny thing in the middle haha

Checked my pushrods again and they appear to be the correct length, I have enough clearance on teh springs so run em! The lifter obviously didn't have oil pressure behind it, but I have about 0.070" clearance between coils, and five coils, so I will have plenty of clearance before the springs bottom out. They are the same length as when I measure with the pushrod checker, so I ordered them correclty, and when I was measuring with the solid lifters they had a good contact patch, so I am glad this is all done with haha.

Passenger side going on:

Passenger side done:

Drivers side done:

All in all it took a crap ton of time to put these in, prob about an hr or so, just to make sure everything was torqued correctly and making sure everything was on the base circle of the cam while torquing.
All of them in:

Valve covers on:

And most of the accessories on

I am just waiting on my PS pump to get here, I decided it wasn't worth not spending the $45 since I am in here and I will now be having my power brakes rely on them. Goodbye 145k miles PS pump, you were good till the last push.

Tomorrow I plan on getting all the accessories finished up and the AC compressor painted, then getting the last two or three header bolts in, get the wiring harness all in, finish up the gauge wiring, and put the turbo stuff back on. Also hoping to get the upper intake finished up (cleaned and a couple spots painted that I missed) and the intercooler piping all done. If I can get all this stuff together the only things remaining will be the brakes, the timing sensor, and then the exhaust. Woot woot getting close.

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does tech count putting the car on a trailer to tow it home? lol

Seems like its a spun rod bearing, since the thing needs an engine. I think I'mma pick me up a a nice New Edge 5-speed GT and turn the 6'er into a fun little project.

Im kinda thinking at this time for the 6'er go 4.2 block with forged internals and do some kind of boost, or maybe i'll go all out and do a V10 for shits and giggles.

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It's orange though... :p

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It's all good. I had a..... GM filter on mine first startup. EXACT same blue. But then when I did the break in change I put a M1 filter on.

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If you look real close it says ACdelco

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cameron, never saw a fram filter cut out before? they have half the cleats than other filters.

i personally run Napa Gold filters.
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