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what to do to get 400 hp N/A

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okay im start building a 2v 4.6l motor and i wanted to know if with the trickflow twist wedge heads and a built bottom end from MMR and a stage 3 cam could i pull 400 hp n/a of course with full boltons and my cars a 5 speed
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Cant hurt to get a hi compression 5L bottom end.
yea cause im sure with my full upr drag suspension and my prostars and alot of weight reduction i have done i can get low 11's.. but what do i have to do to build a motor to pull has much all motor power i can ??
Ouch.. not sure.... I've heard 350 for the most N/A but I am sure 400 is possible. I've just never seen it.
not another one of these threads. not trying to be a dick, but use the search.
yea let me tell u how many threads there is asking bout how to acheive 400hp n/a w
heads/cams/forged bottem end... but yeah just search around, there are a couple good 350hp n/a threads out there to get you started
I think you're gonna need a LOT of rpm to get there, so I'd run the lightest rotating mass you can get away with.

Honestly, I know this goes against the typical suggestion, but if you're not gonna boost or use nitrous, I don't know that I'd used forged pistons for this application. I don't know that you need the extra strength you get from forging, and you would certainly benefit from the reduced mass that you would get from a hyperuetectic (sp?) piston. I'd definitely still do forged crank and rods, though.
I am at 355 N/A right now with ported 44CC TFS heads and a bone stock 01 Cobra short block...11.7 to 1 CR...Now this is thru a 4000 stalled auto with 410's...I have a set of Bullet designed TFS cams going in next Sat so I could tell you how close you could 400 easy will it be depends on cubes, Compression, and bolt on's....A 5-speed with my set-up should easily be at 370 hp....but it depends on how much these new cams pick up...I think 400 N/A is achievable with the PI intake on stock cubes but depends mostly on cam profile and will always be limited on TQ but it depends on how high you want to spin it....with a big bore, ported TFS heads and intake with a good cam profile...400-420 should be there....

It might be possible and still have a streetable car.
I am shooting for 400RWHP on my build. It sounds very similar to what you want to do, and I do think it will be possible.

MMR 5.0 stroker
Trick Flow Twisted Wedge 44cc
CMS Stage 3 N/A cams
Victor jr. mani

I was going to go with 38cc heads to boost compression, but have decided to back down to keep it still safe on pump gass and be able to run a 150 shot with my NX Set up. Already have full Bolt-ons.

Since how Yellow made 355 without specific cam profiles, I think I will hit 400, maybe 400+ with the stroker through a 5 speed N/A.
How much compression?
How much compression?
38cc would have made approx. 11.2:1 with 13cc dish pistons in the stroker mod. 44cc will put it at 10.2:1 approx.
not another one of these threads. not trying to be a dick, but use the search.
once again it gives us something to talk about and who knows maybe somebody found out something new that they can add....its not like people are gonna add that to an old thread.....just my :2cents
Not only that, you get infractions for bumping old threads.
nvm guys i got a awesome deal on a vortech for 1000 ima jump on that and a forged bottom end and i will be good to go to up the boost to 700hp.. thanks
Yeah 700hp...
what is a safe compression to run on pump gas?
im gonna be in the high 11's i believe..
what cc are the pi heads?
You can run atleast 11.5:1 on pump gas. will require you to get a good tune to keep it safe and still put out as much hp as possible. I know ED is running 11.7:1, and I am pretty sure he is still running pump gas for the most part.

My tuner said I could get away with 11-11.5:1 with my nitrous, but I decided not to push my luck that far. I am already spending a lot to make this a powerful, long lasting combo. I am going to run about 10.2:1, but were it not for the n2o, I would most deffinately not be running less than 11.5:1.

PS, don't quote me, but I am reasonably certain that our heads are 44cc
I am already spending a lot to make this a powerful, long lasting combo.
I am not flaming you in the least. But is that powerful combo running 13.8? Or has it went faster since then?
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