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I am at 355 N/A right now with ported 44CC TFS heads and a bone stock 01 Cobra short block...11.7 to 1 CR...Now this is thru a 4000 stalled auto with 410's...I have a set of Bullet designed TFS cams going in next Sat so I could tell you how close you could 400 easy will it be depends on cubes, Compression, and bolt on's....A 5-speed with my set-up should easily be at 370 hp....but it depends on how much these new cams pick up...I think 400 N/A is achievable with the PI intake on stock cubes but depends mostly on cam profile and will always be limited on TQ but it depends on how high you want to spin it....with a big bore, ported TFS heads and intake with a good cam profile...400-420 should be there....

1 - 1 of 34 Posts
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