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Well I recently got some new 555Rs for the back, and while balancing them I figured I might as well balance the fronts. So I get one on the machine and rebalance it, came out well. Next one.. WTF!!?? this wheel is all kinds of ****ed up.. guess I musta nailed something in the road because the inner lip has a flat spot. I sent it off the next day to see if it could be repaired.. no dice.. wheel has a bent center so its junk. My options are buy a replacement wheel or a whole new set. Im sure your saying " buy a wheel moron", well the problem with that is that these wheels were on the car when I got it and Im not sure who made them. The wheel guy said its important to get the same one when it comes to bullits because so many companys make them.. all a little differnt. So do I just guess on the wheel and buy one from american muscle? or.. get those sweet new black chrome FR500s Ive been drooling over?. Suggestions?
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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