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Okay so I have a 99 4.6 2v with about 140,000 miles

Just had a little overheating deal that I think will work out fine...that's off topic though

My question is, I plan on keeping this car for a very, very long time and I really want to drop a fresh engine in it sometime soon, something to grow into...what setup would be the best?

I don't want mad hp. I want this to be good for a daily driver if I needed it to be. It will be a street car. 300-330 hp is plenty. Needs to be reliable.

I'm in school for mechanics, dad is a mechanic. Can handle mostly anything. I'd rather not have to do a bunch of rigging, I'd like to get it all put together right.

Anybody have any good suggestions?

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try finding a used engine, maybe a 4.6 3v off a newer mustang, or a 4v engine off a cobra or aviator. there are some good deals around. im debating whether to buy a 4.6 3v with a 6 speed tranni for 1800 bucks.

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Definitely go with a used 3v off a S197, it will pay off in the long run.

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I've been looking at the 3v swap for a while. My motor has 147,000 on it. But, I don't intend to swap until I have to. Its supposed to be a fairly easy mod. You don't need a new wiring harnes or ECU. You can use your 2v transmission and exhaust. Logan Motorsport sells a conversion kit. You also need a Cobra TB/cable, Cam locks, and other small stuff. You use the 2v COPs but boots from the 3v. From the threads I read the only real rigging is a bracket for the throttle cable and it won't fit under a stock hood. It needs a 3" cowl hood.

That motor starts at 300 hp (crank). With cams and exhaust you should hit your goal of 330 hp. It also has an aluminum block and is a lot lighter than the 2v.

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Oh okay, cool. Sounds like a good project. I don't know, my biggest fears are just
#1-chasing my tail with the supposedly little mods to make it work...they ALWAYS sound sooooo easy then a few hundred dollars and some swear words later, they get done

#2 is buying a used engine and having it come apart on me...

but a 3v swap sounds amazing...

I'd have to tune it, right?

Also say I wanted to buy an SCT tuner...use the one for a 99-04 GT since it'd still be my computer?

Does anybody have a write up on this?

I'm a little worried about being nickle and dimed to death.

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First off do a compression and leak down test. This will tell you the condition of your rings and how healthy your engine is. If its good you dont have to worry bout the engine. In which case I would find a use blower kit run 8-10 psi and have a healthy 350-380 hp.

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Here are some parts lists I have printed out.

3v Swap Parts list.

From Firebirdtony
S197 (’07 GT) 3v motor $1300
Ford fuel injector adapter $40
Ford power steering bracket $17
Dyno tune $600
Brass fitting for IAC valve $12
Brass fitting for EGR valve $12
2 taps for threading IAC and EGR valves $28
SCT F3/X3 tuner $300+
Cobra Throttle body gasket
JLT cold air tube $109 (see note 1)
Adjustable cam gears $400 (see note 2)

From Mustang GTR 99
S197 (’07 GT) 3v motor $1300 minus accy
Alternator bracket for use 99-04 alternator $17
Power steering bracket $17 (to use 05-09 belt)
Radiator hose kit $60 (see note 7)
Lower hose adapter from summit $11 (see note 7)
Clutch kit $300
Flywheel $75
JLT cold air $90 (see note 1)
Logan Motorsport kit $300 (see note 3)
’04 Cobra throttle body and cable
Cold air filter $20 at Autozone
SCT x3, sf3 Programmer $150
Tunes $30 each from Logan and others (see note 4)
BBR cam locks $50 (see note 2) Also sold by Livernois.
Made my own throttle body bracket
Use 2v coils on 3v (05-09) boots. (see note 5)
Ford Racing Part # M-14464-A* fuel injector adaptors
Ford Motorsport shorty Headers $180 summit (see note 6)

Unknown source
S107 (’05) 3v motor
Logan Motorsport sn95 conversion kit (see note 8)
2v shorty headers
Used 99-04 BBK x-pipe (had to be cut and re-welded)
Stock 99-04 coolant tank
Stock power steering res tank
’05 GT radiator hoses (see note 7)
Used stock 2v computer
Built own 2c/3v wiring harness (see note 9)
Livernoise cam phasers (locker, see note 2)
Runner delete kit in the intake (see note 10)

Note 1: Parts you need are 90* elbow, 4.5” id, 4” in-4.5” id x 3” silicone reducer, 9’ tube without mass air hole, billet MAF adapter for 80-90mm Mass Air Sensor)
Note 2: $400 Adjustable cam gears are not needed if you use $50 cam lockers. Stick no boost set at full advance. Autos set at full retard to get torque down. Don’t break your stock phasers or let the pins fall out.
Note 3: All you need are the exhaust adapters. Some guy in Texas sells them for $100. The throttle body adapter is nothing but a throttle body spacer so you can drill your own holes. The fuel pressure adapter is the same as they sell on Summit.)
Note 4: They got my car running without a dyno tune by using datalogs.
Note 5: The harness won’t fit the 05-09 coils but the 2v coils have higher spark.
Note 6: Should be able to use stock headers. Maybe long-tubes
Note 7: The 3v thermostat hangs upside down to the drivers front side of the engine.
Note 8: The kit has the ’03 Cobra TB adapter. You will have to drill the 03/04 Cobra throttle body bottom bolt holes.
Note 9: Not needed if you buy the FRPP injector adaptors.
Note 10: I don’t know what this is. OP’s comment, if you read in 99GTR and my post you see the runner delete kit in the intake. I had to drill the stuff out and it was easy. Better than spending another $250 on the kit.
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