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Don't take this wrong - but that car has an M90 blower, and with those mods, there is little chance it is making the claimed RWHP. Probably closer to 450-475 tops with shorty headers on a Dynojet. The stated numbers are a plausible crank HP, however.

That aside, the mods are nice and it is a nice, tastefully modded car (and a genuine Roush). I would ask $23,000 and be willing to take $19,000-$21,000 if you want it to sell quickly.

Try Autotrader and list the price of the mods in the ad. That will help generate interest. Also go sign up at (Roush forum) and place a for-sale ad there.

Oh...get a Honda Odyssey. I'm serious. I have one. They rule. Best vehicle on the planet for family. Forget the stigma and drive one.
Thanks for the tips. Im not sure if i could sell hubby on the odesssy, but I'd love it. What does the base model go for? Im guessing more than the stang is worth :(
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