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Whats the deal with the 2009 stang re-vamp? Anybody know about the 2010 redesign?

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Does anybody have a good source for info on the 2009 revamp of the stang? I heard its just minor things, but then 2010 will be the new body style...any verified truth in that? Its been a couple weeks since I have seen any info, but last I knew there were plenty of spy shots of the new one (2010) and people were confirming (maybe with their butt cheeks?) that the 2009 was only a few light changes (fenders/bumper or something?)

I would also like to know if anyone has confirmed info on the hurricane motor or possibility of a new engine(s) options for the new GT...

Also, what is the deal with the new plug/head design on the 2008's? I read a few people claiming they changed it (or were going to for 2008.5) but never saw any threads on it? I tried searching for it but there does not seem to be much info on the topic.

Any info is appreciated!!
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Okay. I've spent alot of time on the net trying to find out whats going on for the next generation Mustang what I have found is:

For 2009 the only change will be the class roof.
For 2010 the Mustang will get a revamp. Production plans currently schedule the release of 2010 model year in early 2009.
Exterior: Rumors have it and this I'm fairly sure of is that the front end will get a more aggressive broader look (think 2009 Camaro). Also the back Fenders are supposed to be changed to make them less round.
Interior: This is going to be overhauled. I'm fairly sure what I've read is accurate on this stuff. The interior wont be so much hard plastic, and there will be alot more soft plastic. The controls will be more driver oriented. The pick your color thing for the gauges will be ditched (this im certain on).
Suspension: It is still up in the air. They are look at both independent and solid. The deciding factor will be what the new Camaro and Challenger have.
Engine: This is where the speculation has run wild. From the many sources I've read the new Mustang V6 will almost certainly be the Cyclone 3.5L, like the one in the new Edge and Lincoln MKZ and MKX. When it comes to the power house this is where things get really unsure. Ford has kept REALLY quiet about their flag ship engine and it may be one of the following: A 5.8L or a 6.2L pushrod OR SOHC V8 much like whats going into the new 2009 F-150. The boss 302 (5.0L) has also been rumored and if it goes through it will for sure be a SOHC. The 4.6 will almost for sure still be available at least for the first year of production, after that it's anyones guess. The last rumor is that the ECOBoost 3.5L will be included with a twin turbo. If it goes through it will most likely make power like that of the flagship V8, and Ford will let the consumer decide whether they like the twin turbo or the NA V8 better.

So yeah its kinda complicated, and thats what I've read and pieced together from many, many sources. What ever happens Im sure Ford wont **** around with and American legend so you can expect it to be awesome! If anyone learns anymore let me know.
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Oh and for the Shelby GT500 since it sold better than Ford thought it would they are going to keep it. It will be based off of the new Mustang with a power increase to mabye 550-600 ish.
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