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Whats the deal with the 2009 stang re-vamp? Anybody know about the 2010 redesign?

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Does anybody have a good source for info on the 2009 revamp of the stang? I heard its just minor things, but then 2010 will be the new body style...any verified truth in that? Its been a couple weeks since I have seen any info, but last I knew there were plenty of spy shots of the new one (2010) and people were confirming (maybe with their butt cheeks?) that the 2009 was only a few light changes (fenders/bumper or something?)

I would also like to know if anyone has confirmed info on the hurricane motor or possibility of a new engine(s) options for the new GT...

Also, what is the deal with the new plug/head design on the 2008's? I read a few people claiming they changed it (or were going to for 2008.5) but never saw any threads on it? I tried searching for it but there does not seem to be much info on the topic.

Any info is appreciated!!
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yea i heard from a source that the v6 will be a twin turbo then we will have the normal 4.6 gt but there will also be a 5.0
i dont remember where i heard but i actually believed it and i rarely believe things like that so idk
i read an article on the new six and they say it's going to be the ecotec 35 and gonna be somewhere in the neighborhood of 350 hp.. they didnt say anything about fi, and i think tt is a bit farfetched

i heard that ford was going back to pushrods.
yeah i think i remember a couple of guys on here talking about that hte other day
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