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wheels...never saw these before!

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I have never seen em in deep dish before...thought I would share the joy lol
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i like the rims!! if you buy from them make sure you check the weights when you get the wheels. I bought my wheels from them and when i got them and went to show my friend he was like whats that on your wheel? it was one of the freakin weights!! luckily it landed sticky side down. i called them sent pics and they were like O. Then like 2 weeks later i lost another weight off the back. just wanted to give you a heads up before you spend lots of money then the weights come off and chip the chrome.
Been around for a while now.Great looking wheel IMO...
Has anyone seen those plexiglass wheels yet? those are going to be polarizing...
Has anyone seen those plexiglass wheels yet? those are going to be polarizing...

Yea there ****...

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+1 especially when you can't clean the inside of all the massive amounts of brake dust you will accumulate.
Holy ****, all day, and no one say my subtle sarcasm... ahhh
look at those legs!!! yes sir!!!
look at those legs!!! yes sir!!!
That's what I was thinking.:eek:

i like the black version of those like what mrsinister2424 has. car looks good btw

sence were on the topic of dd cobra wheels... my favs are the dd 10th anni cobras

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Sexy legs damnnnn :D

I had to look four times to even notice the gayassness that they're calling a "rim". Nice rotor and caliper tho

... Legs ....
I like em, but Im not a HUGH fan of the bling bling style chrome. Never really have been... If they came in a black chrome, or an dust look.... id be hopping on that like a fat kid on a cupcake.
you can get im in black chrome :D How do you think these would look on my ride...true blue dropped with eibach pro kit springs? Thanks for the warning about the weights...Ill have tires mounted and balanced locally...a little over $1000 is alot to drop in one I dont want another set of nitto's if I can help it lol
those plexigalss rims are...different lol the legs however make up for the shitty rims lol
I think Im gonna have these under the christmas tree lol
21 - 34 of 34 Posts
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