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Which has greater HP gain?

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Going through the millions of options to add power to my car and looking at this path. I change mind every other week, but the information is still helpful.:D

Which would have a greater power gain on an otherwise stock 302?
87 5 liter with speed density, flowmaster catback, K&N panel filter.
Car has 3.73's, Pro 5.0 shifter, stock T-5.

Would be converted to mass air if option 1, option 2 only if needed after change.
Either option gets a 255 lph fuel pump and 30# injectors.

Option 1 - Paxton Novi 1000 supercharger, used 70mm MAF.
Option 2 - TFS twisted wedge heads, new intake (cobra, etc), 1.7 rockers.

Both would cost me about the same money (I'd install the blower myself, but pay someone to do the heads).

exhaust, traction, c-clip eliminators, control arms, subframe connectors, etc would be coming later.
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Thanks guys! Where is a good place to get a used Novi1K, Corral forums? How can I tell if it's good or I'm getting ripped off?

I am glad the blower gets more, since I can do that myself and not have to worry about piston to valve and all that stuff. I'll put in a boost and rich/lean gauge too.

The nitrous, chassis, and slicks would get me quicker cheaper and sooner, but I am not building a drag car, just something to have fun with around town.

My friend has a street legal twin turbo viper that had a best time of 7.92. :eek:I'll never be that fast, but I like the seat of the pants feel when driving down the highway at 55, punching it and getting pinned back in the seat.

I read about a bigger crank pulley that will up the boost to 8-10 with underdrives on the alt/ps/water. Maybe in the future?

How much more will the blower setup likely get me?
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Supercharger gains are like 50-120hp just depending on your setup. What heads do you have on your car?
I have stock heads. Heads will come later to free up more power.

Where can I get a used novi 1000 and be sure it's a whole kit and a trustworthy source?
Turbo is too much fab/cutting work from what I read. I hear of fittment issues and people taking up to 40 hours of work to install the turbo. I looked at boost brothers and thought about it, but from what I see, supercharger would be a much easier install. Correct? There may be more expensive turbo kits that fit better and install easier, but I'm not spending $5k for a power adder when I can get a supercharger, heads, chassis, etc all for the same total money. Just my opinion.
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