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Whistle under hood

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The past couple days it has been really cold outside below 32 (which is really cold for west texas!) Any way i have noticed that when i started my car it was whistling really loud from under the hood. This was only happening when it is really cold out and only lasts until the car warms up. Anyway i took it to ford and just got a call today that there is a bulletin out about this problem and it has something to do with the throttle body.... (or something like that the guy didnt really know what he was talking about) anyway ford is aware of the problem and has already ordered the part just thought you guys would like to know that there is a problem and ford is aware of it... will get more information tomorrow when i pick it up!
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Maybe someone did a drive-by supercharging?
that would be sweet!
Shoot I wish!:cool:
BTW i got this taken care of it was the pully system... happens in cold weather ford has a note out about it already if anyone else has this problem just take it to the dealer and tell them to look it up before they even look at it! Took less than a day to replace after they got the part in... In by 8 out by 2 what a welcome change from ford!
What was it they replaced? I get the whistling for a few seconds when it's arse cold (you think less than 32 is cold ;) ?)

Your service ticket may be able to explain what it was.
This was like my second post on thist forum once I got my car. Mine did the exact same thing, and it was before Ford had a clue about it. They changed out the power steering pump before they realized it was just an idler pulley making the noise.
the service ticket was not all that helpful but it was when it was under 32 degrees whisled like a bitch when you first fired it up... But its part number 6L3Z-6C348-A all it said next to id was "PULLEY" just go in to the dealer tell them whats happening give them the part number and tell them look it up! dont let them pull the "we can only do it if we hear it or see what it is" say its a common problem and its posted on the ford site (their internal service site)
Maybe someone did a drive-by supercharging?
thats exactly what happend to me...:tomato
Awesome, thanks the for part #. Googled it and pulled up a pdf for TSB 08-4-2.
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