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93 FACTORY 5.0 5spd

Blk/Grey int with 03 GT front seats, no carpet all rhino lined floors

410 gears
lakewood upper control arms
2" fiberglass cowl hood
pro 5.0 shifter
BBK lowering springs
BBK full length headers
BBK h pipe with 2 1/2" flowmaster and 3" turn downs
BBK 70mm throttle body and spacer
BBK cold air intake
underdrive pulleys
255 fuel pump
FMS 24# injectors with PRO M MAF
kenny brown subframe connectors
urethane motor mounts and trans mount
MSD ignition
AUTO METER monster tach

all for around 4 grand cash, deal or no deal?:tomato

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1. 410 gears are just great for a stock cam/head/intake/car lol
2. Not a fan of dumps on a notch unless it's really required due or for weight savings
3. The 255 pump and 24lb injectors aren't needed and are over kill for what it is right now so hello mr. rich afr
4. rhino lined interior is for jeeps not a street car, you'll enjoy the lovely sounds of everything except what you want to hear plus it won't help you get laid much
5. it's a 93 so there are not forged internals..

With that being said and the fact that removing the rhino line would be a hell of a job to say the least I wouldn't pay close to 3k for that thing.

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I've seen some rhino lined 4x4 interiors, great for a truck, strange for a car. If you don't like it in the Mustang, put a piece of carpet over it. The precut made to fit one piece carpets for a fox are about $125.

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I also love the fact that they ditched teh tail pipes for weight savings but coated the interior with rhino liner lol
glad I wasn't the only one that thought that was ironic. That junk is HEAVY.

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There is a lot of dumb **** on there , but if its a clean coupe with a very good body hes not far off.
Rhino stuff is pretty stupid for a Mustang
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