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I've started gathering parts for my Mach 1 build, and have zero clue on what turbo's i should start looking into.

Current build list on the car is as follows:

2003 OW Mach 1

31 Spline FRPP LSD
31 Spline Mosier axles
FRPP 3.73 gears
FRPP Billet cover
SR upper and lower control arms
T45 trans with MGW short shifter (t45 came in the car for some reason)
Battery relocation
Full wire tuck
96-98 cobra cam swap
team z tubular K/coil overs
SVE black drag wheels
275x50 MT ET pro
A/C delete using factory idler with a ribbed pulley swapped so that the AC pulley is completely deleted, running a 70.5"x6 rib belt

And a few other small items (most of which wont be used during the next phase, like intake spacer, cold air intake, etc.)

So far, my places consist of the CG Fab forward facing headers, sullivan intake for a front inlet option, i'm planning on two ~62mm turbos (but i need some education on what size ar, etc i need to look into)

I've already figured out the routing of my pipes, location of the intercooler, etc.

I've been researching other peoples twin builds for several months now, and have started getting pretty good ideas as to how i want to run things, where i want them to be, etc.
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