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Why am I getting 11 mpgs?

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So like the title said, I get some terrible gas mileage. I have an o/r x pipe and the version of the diablosport predator before they removed the option for you to turn off the rear O2's. I followed all the instructions on the manual to have the O2's turned off and have the "Predator Tune" loaded in my car. I first thought it was because of my right foot, but I drove the car lightly on a tank and still only went 160 miles before I was on empty :confused:

What's going on here?

It's warm and humid in Miami so I have the A/C on most of the time, and we have a bit of traffic. I also have 4.10's, but do no highway driving. The Predator Tune just says "Use premium fuel" and I put 93 into it.

Could my front O2's be bad? It's not throwing a code...
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I'm going to call it the tune.

11mpg is horrid even with an off road pipe.
Wait do o/r pipes decrease mileage by nature?

And does anyone know how I can turn off the o2's if I update my predator?
yea they do.. and it should be in the options menu once you update.

Don't quote me on that.. I am an SCT guy.
<---saw an increase of .5 mpg with his O/R H...

+1 for tune. Anything below 19 is unacceptable for me.
BTW, welcome back, HMUSN...long time no see!

consider yourself lucky, i get like... 9 mpg
consider yourself lucky, i get like... 9 mpg
Dude, I would get rid of my car in a heartbeat if I got that! LOL!

I'm really easy on it, too...I don't drive too aggressive and I shift real nice. I keep it quiet and smooth and usually come out to about 20-22 mpg around town and 24-26 on the interstate (depends on cruising speed too).:cool:
well i need a tune bad from the cams, but still. lol i shouldnt be getting 9 mpg. its what, a 60 Litre tank, and i get 250 km's per tank... so thats like 24 l/100 kms, which works out to 9.68 mpg lol.
consider yourself lucky, i get like... 9 mpg
i get about 9mpg or less
Holy ****...

Either way, we've all settled on Asiansensation should be getting more than just 11 mpg. Energie, you're the exception, Mr. "I've got cams, na-na-na-na-na"!

Just playin. But Asian, you might want to get with a tuner close by who can help you out with your problem. He/She would be able to pinpoint where you're sucking so much fuel down and correct it accordingly. Even if you have an older-style tuner, you can still play with them (I don't know about Diablo, but I know SCT has software updates...maybe check into that?) and figure out where your fuel gremlin lies.
haha, i didnt sign up for 9 mpg when i bought the cams :p thats like an extra monthly fee on top of what i already paid for them. it needs a tune bad, the a/f ratio is probably through the roof. if my ****ing tuner would have fit me in before the winter i wouldnt have had this problem
Do you have any mods that absolutely require you to use the tune/tuner? Or can you set the car back to the factory tune? If you can do so put the factory tune back on it for a few days and see how that works out for you. If thats not an option check out what the fuel trims are doing by viewing the live data.

Any obvious signs of running rich? Whens the last time you changed the fuel filter, and if never how many miles are on the car. Sounds odd but its a starting point.
Haha yeah I suppose there is a bit of a fee for a sweet-ass lope and a nice gain in power...

What cams, btw?
check out what the fuel trims are doing by viewing the live data.
That's why I suggested he go to someone about it. I have no clue how to do this.
uh probably just cams? i have headers, o/r h pipe, slp exhaust, an intake, and the cams, and thats about it for power. the tuner i bought had a few preprogrammed on there for the mods i had except cams, but i dont know how well that worked.
the cams were from modular speed. theyre some XPS 2v ones.
consider yourself lucky, i get like... 9 mpg
gahh. thats terrible.. I get a min of 16 in the cobra.. see 22 on the highway
Glad to hear it's the tune and not some mechanical failure lol

Spark plugs, fuel filter, air filter, etc have all been changed in the past 4 months. Car has about 60,000 miles on her. After my next fill up I'll use 87 and put the tune back to factory and see what I get. I'd like to update my predator too, I've heard the new canned tunes are better than what I have. They offer the update for free online but I really don't want to lose the ability to turn off the o2's for my midpipe.
It could be the o2's, mine did the same thing when they made a custom xpipe for it, o2's are still there but no cats, and no tune or o2's off. Could be running rich.
That is crazy. I don't have an O/R midpipe, but even with my SCT tune and 4.10's I get 19-21 in the city and 22-23 on the highway. I would park my car if it got the kind of mileage you get.
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