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wishlist. any suggestions/ comments?

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Heres my wishlist on summit, alot of the smaller things ive bought and deleted off of it, thats all thats left. whats not included on there is what im buying from other sites like rotating assembly, cam, heads, intake, etc.

Any comments about the items are welcomed. + recommendations.

BTW all driveline components match up.
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Part #ItemPriceQtyLine TotalDeleteCCA-35-772-8
Camshaft, Mechanical Roller Tappet, Advertised Duration 286/292, Lift .614/.621, Ford, Small Block, Each $259.95
$259.95 EDL-2981
Intake Manifold, Victor Jr., Single Plane, Aluminum, Natural, Square Bore, Ford, 351W, Each $269.95
$269.95 EDL-77199
Cylinder Head, Victor Jr., Aluminum, Assembled, 60cc Chamber, 210cc Intake Runner, Ford, 289/302/351W, Each $679.50
$1,359.00 HLY-0-80676
Carburetor, Model 4150 HP, 950 cfm, Square Bore, 4-Barrel, Dual Inlet, Dichromate, Each $978.95
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Sub Total:$2,867.85

here's my list and it doesn't include the $ 585 big shot nitrous kit and i've still got to buy my stroker kit from woody , anyone want to make a charitable donation ??????
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