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wishlist. any suggestions/ comments?

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Heres my wishlist on summit, alot of the smaller things ive bought and deleted off of it, thats all thats left. whats not included on there is what im buying from other sites like rotating assembly, cam, heads, intake, etc.

Any comments about the items are welcomed. + recommendations.

BTW all driveline components match up.
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i want a 342 maybe 347 (if i can get a good deal on machine work)...
i want a powerful driveline so i cant break it cause i have bad luck.
not planning for extreme horsepowers. maybe 320ish?

cough cough nitrous....
our cars are so EXPENSIVE to make fast :-( 300zx's are so cheap to make fast... ( my best friend knows 300's like Darrell knows N/A 5.0's)
those 6 speeds? arent they expensive? :-( i dont wannt hit over that 2k limit.
1 - 5 of 11 Posts
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