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Ok guys so, as promised, i have applied Hardbody to my 2003 Black Mach 1. I started tuesday around 12pm and finished in the middle of the night around 3:20am.

Before you read you should know that right this moment im only wearing 1 coat of Hardbody because it was SO late when i finished and i had places to go the next day. With that being said, i just washed my car again tonight and she is sitting clean in my garage awaiting coats 2 and 3 that are going on Tomorrow. I did get some shots of beading as i was washing and HOLY CRAP ive never seen water bead so well.

Here's the process that i did in preparation for Hardbody.

Full strip wash. Used 3.5 gallons of water with 3oz of Maxisuds 2 and a hefty squirt of Dawn. This was very effective at stripping the existing protection which was 2 coats of Pete's 53 which was applied on June 28th and was still beading like a pro.

After the wash/dry. I clayed the car using Optimum No Rinse @ 5oz/1gal of distilled water in my Kwazar Mercury Pro. ONR at this dilution was VERY slippery and worked well for the clay. I used the clay that comes in the Meguires Clay kit. I was going to rinse the car off at this point but forgot, not really a biggy because my cars paint was pretty clean, it ALMOST passed the baggy test, but i decided to go ahead and clay to make sure all of the wax was removed.

After Claying the car i started a 2 step polish.
Step 1 was Meguires 205 polish with a Green uber pad
Step 2 was Menzerna PO85RD with a Blue uber pad.

I wasnt trying to fully correct my paint, just take out any minor swirls that have happened since the last time i corrected. Other than some of the deeper stuff the 205 and 85RD removed all other minor defects and left her nice and shiney with a fresh level clear for the Harbody to bond to.

I did Ipa wipedowns as i was polishing with 91% IPA cut 1:1 with distilled water. Then, when i was done, i went around the car with my inspection light and IPA diluted 3:1 with distilled water, I went with a stronger dilution to help dissolve any polish/polish oils and help pull any moisture out of the paint. After went around the car 2, 3 or 4 Times and got all the streakiness gone, i went to apply the Hardbody. At this point i was about 1am, lol. After the IPA wipedowns i went over the entire car with a Blowdrier to help eliminate any moisture that could be in the pores of the paint.

I used a Microfiber makeup puff to apply Hardbody, a little goes a long way with this stuff. The makeup puff is a puff so it tends to soak up a little bit of product at first, i may use a small piece of short nap MF to apply coats 2 and 3 to conserve product. That being said i used about 1oz for the first coat, i think its mostly due to the fact that i had to get used to how far the hardbody would go without having to add more to the pad. It only takes around 3-5 drops per panel. I'll use much less on the next 2 coats now that i know how it applies.

Hardbody goes on very smoothly, nice and thin, the only thing that puzzled me was that after ALL THAT IPA wiping, as i applied Hardbody my applicator picked up dirt from somewhere, idk where, but when i was done the surface of my pad was dirty. It didnt seem to affect the application process or the bonding of Hardbody, it may have just been dust, but it just worried me at the time. When you apply it, it goes on in a smooth pattern that matches the strokes of the applicator, the interesting thing that it does, though, is as it dries and bonds to the paint, it beads up into little droplets. I think it does this because the excess Product that doesnt bond to the paint collects on top of the bonded Hardbody. It took my about 15-20 minutes to apply in on the whole car and by the time i started buffing the product it had probably been on the car for 20-30 Mins, so it was dry and bonded.

ANOTHER thing that was surprising was how hard it was to buff off, its understandable because the stuff gets "hard" but the first test of your Hardbody will be how well your paint holds up against the pretty firm buffing you will have to do to get the excess product off. That being said i didnt put not 1 scratch on my car while buffing it off, and i wasnt using a high dollar MF either. What i did do to help get the excess off a little easier was i took my MF and put a little distilled water on it to help create a little lubricity and help removed the excess Hardbody. Dannyboy281 has told me in the past that Wolfs Nano Qd is Helpful at buffing off the excess without having to rub so hard.

Once I went around the whole car and buffed what i thought was all of the Hardbody off (Keep in mind from application to done was like 2 hours because of the application time, sit time and how long it took to buff.) I went around the car with Megs QD and Buffed any smudges that i missed or excess product. The surface smoothness and slickness was unlike ANYTHING else ive ever used, its like your paint has its own lubricity.

The next day i drove across GA with some family and it poured rain for about 20 minutes of the ride, by the time we got to where we are going my car was bone dry and looked perfectly clean, except for the rear bumper/tag area, which is normal. The beading was Phenomenal, water will not stick to this stuff at all and when i blowdried my car this afternoon i noticed that it was way faster and easier than with wax.

Overall im VERY impressed with this product the slickness of the paint and the ability to avoid marring from even cheaper Microfibers is crazy. Hardbody isnt going to completely guard you against scratching but it protects very very well against marring and scratching that happens during detail work. Hardbody nano coating is definitely a game changer, after i washed my car today and rinsed off all the surfacants from the soap, the beading didnt change a bit, i think it will actually increase even more once i get a couple more coats on for better coverage.

Another very impressive thing is the shine it gives your paint, its EASILY just as wet as a Nuba look if not even better. My paint is like glass, but smoother...seriously.

Ok here come the pics/vid, in these pictures i hadnt washed my car since application and it had been rained on and had been driven about 400 miles, that will show you how well this stuff repels dirt.

My hood, which is 1 stage paint (previous owner thing) looks good but not quite as good as the rest of the factory paint.

IMAG0880 by ModdedMach, on Flickr

Side reflection, pardon the shopping cart, me and my Girlfriend just finished grocery shopping, when we walked out the lighting was perfect for reflections. No worries, the cart is a safe distance from the mach lol.

IMAG0879 by ModdedMach, on Flickr

Hood again

IMAG0878 by ModdedMach, on Flickr

IMAG0881 by ModdedMach, on Flickr

Beading vid!!
The vid is still being processed when i post this, so if the link doesnt work, just give it time, lol.
Wolf Chemical's Hardbody Nano Coating Beading - YouTube

Thanks for reading i know that was long, tomorrow ill take picture of the application and what it looks like when it dries.
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