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Won't start...

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So My notch isnt on the road yet.. but ive been starting everyday for the past week w/o any real problems (sounded a little weak starter/battery wise as the days past) but hadn't had a problem starting until today. Went to start it and the starter kicked a little bit and then stopped... so i tried it again to make sure... did the same thing but the batery sounded weak again. So i got my jumper cables and let it charge for a little... went to start it and nothing... no noise at all and the battery meeter was around the R/M on the (n o r m a l) gauge... my guess is the starter... but im finding it odd.. also tried moving it back/forward a couple times to mive the flywheel...any input?

93 notch v8 btw.
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tough call/ battery,cable,starter-bolts-ground,switch or relay. 12.5 at battery .put in park or neutral and jump relay with screwdriver.
Start by checking your cables
probably should have told you guys... but already checked the battery wires and they're tight.... just tried to start it again a couple minutes ago and i turn the key clutch/brake in of course... battery meter goes up to the M/A mark but nothing happens when you turn the key to start... most likely the starter... correct? or any other ideas?.. probably have time to work on it today.

My only idea atm is to try tapping on the starter with a hammer... if i can get to it... car sits so low its pretty hard to get a jack under it.

any other ideas?

and if i end up going to buy a new starter should i get the top of the line one or go rebuilt or what?
alright so i just got the started tested... by three different places to make sure... and all said it failed. So i know i needs a new starter... but I may possibly still need the firewall mounted solenoid... so im gonna put the new starter in and try it... if it doesnt work im gonna try and jump the solenoid and go from there.
and see if you can find somebody to rebuild that starter. that's what i did and it only costed $50.
Also check everything you can before you put that new starter in, you don't want to find out later that a short or something is blowing starters in the car.
my car wouldnt start either, i put new battery, new alternator, new startor relay STILL no start, it was the neutral saftly switch so i cut it and bypassed it , she FIRES right up
im praying its just the starter or the firewall solenoid... or im pretty much screwed... cash is low and winter seems to be hitting NE mighty fast.
thanks for the help guys... the notch is back in service for the time being... all i did was replace the starter everything else seems to be fine at the moment... started right up.
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