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It's supposed to knock
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Changed the plugs, and wires. Only took me 4.5 hours to do... on my back... in my gravel driveway...

I stuck some Bosch Platinum 2's in there and a set of Accel 8mm wires.
Thought I fuggard up the threads in the last plug hole that I did, damn aluminum heads... but ended up being ok. Had to pull the belt, altenator, and belt tensioner to do the right bank wires.

It wasn't nearly as bad as those whiners on the Z28 forum I frequent make it out to be. I actually had all the plugs changed in less than a hour, the wires were a beeotch though. It runs 110% better now. May still need a new opti... stumbles here and there.

Anyway.. I hope you guys never have to work on a F-body!!! :crazy
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