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Wow, Tire Rack Brake Pad Blowout!!

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Cobra Guys, and anyone with PBR brakes...

Tire Rack, Brand New Brembo Pads, blowout sale...

$20 BUCKS for a front set!!! Thats a Steal!!!

Your Welcome :) Sorry if its a repost... just lookin out!!

Brakes Products for Ford Mustang Cobra 2003
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wow buying a set right now! anyine know if there good? I know he gave a few free sets away.
They're Brembos, how could they be bad??
I dont have PBR's, if I did, i'd buy a few sets..
could I just put these on the stock calipers? sorry if thats a stupied question..
No, different pad. Sorry,
Yeah I saw this over on SVTP. Def good deal.
I thought I read somewhere they sold out of the Cobra pads. I just bought EBC redstuff pads for mine 2 weeks ago.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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