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Hey! The wrench light lighten up on my 2014 and was wondering if there is any update about that light. I looked up on forums and this light seems confusing for most of us but it was post from a couple of years so is there any update about it?.

When i go WOT, the wrench light open and my rpm seems to stop at about 4800rpm but not with the rev limiter, more like the engine is stalling. But, when it does it the LIMP MODE message isn't on the cluster screen. Also. when i put the keys to on, the light doesn't open automatically but i notices that when i plug my sct x4 to tune the car, sometime(half the time) there's a error code on the tuner and i cannot tune the car. As soon as the message code appears, the wrench light open.

Most of the forums i read was saying it was the throttle body but i doubt it since it does it on either the oem one or the bbk 73mm. I looked up the connector pins and everything seems normal. I also doubt it's the MAF since the light appears when i try to tune the car(car off) and i guess any MAF error would ounly be when the car is running. As expected, no code on the check engine with this wrench light.

Any guess?
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