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HI Guys,
Not to hi jack your thread but My car has black top and black body and I would like to change out the interior to all black also.. It has that ugly beige/tan in it now. Would any of you have any parts that would work for me?
I have a 1995 GT Convertible. Thanx, Tom

Your best bet is to go to a junkyard and let them know what you want. Give them your number and reach a deal right then. I guarantee they will find a wrecked car for you to strip the interior from.

Btw, the carpet from a 99-04 will fit your car perfectly. My wife has the black & Tan interior in her speedster as well and wanted black carpet instead of tan. You'd be suprised at how much of a difference it makes just swapping over the carpet. The interior looks alot cleaner.
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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