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Name: Justin
Location (city, state): Wiggins, MS
Item wanted: 99-04 Headlight Knob
Price you are looking to pay: New one cost $15 with the shaft, so something around that.

I need the Headlight Knob used to turn the headlights on/off and brighten/dim the interior dash lights. A brand new one from LMR Supply with the connecting shaft is $15.99 + Shipping. I only need the knob, so let me know if you have a used one that is still in good condition.

Mine has been taken on and off so many times that the plastic on the inside has worn down causing it to pull right off insted of catching the shaft and pulling it out to engage the lights. If yours does NOT do this, let me know.

Here is a link to LMR Supply's item:

Mustang - 94-04 Headlight Knob by Ford at LRS - Same Day Shipping!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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