I'm replacing my fuel tank on my 2002 GT (found a NOS Ford OEM tank!), and naturally I broke my fuel pressure vent valve (I believe that's the correct name of the part I'm looking for) trying to remove it from my old tank. Most of you probably know that's LONG since been obsolete from Ford (and, none available on the locator system), and isn't available new ANYWHERE. So, looking for someone who has one lying around, or is parting out a Mustang (I believe all models used the same valve), and can remove from their fuel tank for me (CAREFUL - it's VERY easy to break it when attempting to remove it! Best bet is to get your arm inside the tank and push up on it from its bottom). I tried to super-glue the part I broke off, but that didn't work so well.

If someone has a '99-'04 Mustang they're parting out within 2-3 hours of Cleveland, I'd be willing to drive out and buy the whole fuel tank, and then get the valve out of it myself. Thanks!

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