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Been buying mods for the car and trying to save some dough. I know the Roush grills are in stock at AM and LMR but I personally like the Saleen look (not just because it's cheaper).

Grill the main thing I am looking for but if you have any of these items for sale, please let me know:

Splitter (I personally like the RTR and GT/CS splitter but I don't have a GT/CS front so thatd require me to buy a GT/CS front..)

X pipe (I know most x pipes on AM aren't just bolt ons. I think there is like one that is just a simple bolt ons, all the others ones requiring cutting and other adjustments)

Spoiler/Wing (I do like the GT/CS wing but that'd require some work since the existing holes won't work. However the 3D500 looks just like the gt500 and it doesn't need any additional holes!)

Here's my email:

[email protected]
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