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WTB: Tail Light, Seats, Headlights, and Door Handles

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I'm looking for a left tail light. The one I have is broken. I also need a pair of the black cloth seats in good shape. I'm also looking for a pair of headlights that are not faded. I also need a pair of black door cup handles, I need them without power windows and locks just the auto mirror hole in them. All these parts needed are for a 97. I have paypal so I can send the money fast. Thanks guys.
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I'll have to check, But I think I have a good drivers tail on my 98 gt parts car, its green.
I checked, It has one crack about 2 or so inches in that black plastic under the trunk, so it doesn't show when your trunk is closed. Otherwise it looks to be in good shape, left me know if you need it.
Do you know if that colored bezel can be removed? How much do you want for it.
I assume it can be removed, but I've never tried. I believe thats how they paint them. Make me an offer.
1 - 3 of 14 Posts
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