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Hello everyone, the items that I am selling today are 4 Timberland T-Shirts. These shirts are brand new, never used, and still have their tages attached. All of these shirts are a size XL. The shirts have the small timberland logo on the front, and the large design and logo on the back. I have listed the price below, but I am also open to any offers for the shirts, or trades for any part (performance or visual) for a 2004 V6 Mustang.

The colors that I have are: Light Blue, Navy Blue, Black, Brown

Name: J. Lahti
Location (city, state): Long Island, NY
Items being sold: 4 Timberland T-Shirts
Price: $24.99 Each OBO/Trade + Shipping ($4-$5)
Picture(s) of item: View attachment 24613

View attachment 24614

View attachment 24615

View attachment 24616
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