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Name: cody hunter

Location (city, state): west yarmouth, ma 02673

Item for trade: (4) 17X9 cobra r's. they are not original cobra r's, they are replicas. they are a darker grey than the normal silver, havent seen many if any of these around, atleast around here.. there is brake dust on them in the picture but even when cleaned they are still darker than silver. there is curb rash on one of the wheels. the rest for the most part are in great condition, the paint is in great condition not pealing and almost no scratches.

the tires on the fronts are cooper zeon 2x5's- 245/45r17 95w's
the tires on the rears are sumitomo HTR Z2's- 275/40zr17 98y's

What you are looking to trade for:

im looking to trade them straight up for a set of weld racing draglites or weld racing pro stars. im looking for 15X3.5's up front and either 15X8,9 or 10's in the back. must have tires..fronts must be like new, rears can have street tires,et streets but not looking for slicks. rims should be pretty clean not really looking to deal with major curb rash or anything like that.

Picture(s) of item you are trading:






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Does this mean you don't want the 18" Saleens? I'd rather just throw them on Craigslist and not have to deal with the shipping anyway. Or is this for your fox?
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