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X-charger Xtreme

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I got an email from Dave at Explorer Express and he said the new intercooled X-charger dubbed the "X-CX" will be available on Feb 1, 2010. It is said to make 380hp 390tq at the crank, and will make about 15hp more with duals with this setup. He is also selling a conversion kit if you already have an X-charger that will prolly cost about 1500 bux. He has been running this kit on his stock car since summer and has had no major issues. I know alot of people on here have avoided the X-charger because of its limited power, but now that may be a different story.
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Specs from the test mule (earliest tests > several components have been re-designed since this test)

2.6" Pulley
112Max AIT
91octane California YUCK gas with who knows what smog additives.
Doug said the consevativley this is around 375 crankshaft horse power.
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